Jan. 28th, 2017

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Пришла рассылка с обьявлениями о работе. В восторге прочитала что в Google в Тель Авиве даже я могу подойти:

Google is hiring Product Analyst, Waze

•Conduct data analysis to make business recommendations (cost-benefit, invest-divest, forecasting, impact analysis).
•Deliver effective presentations of findings and recommendations to multiple levels of stakeholders, creating visual displays of quantitative information.
•Develop and automate reports, iteratively build and prototype dashboards to provide insights at scale, solving for analytical needs.
•Collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders to understand their business needs, formulate and complete end-to-end analysis that includes data gathering, analysis, ongoing scaled deliverables and presentations.
•Develop comprehensive understanding of Google data structures and metrics, advocating for changes where needed for both products and business activity, as well as external marketing spend trends.
Job Requirements:Minimum qualifications:
•Master’s degree with an emphasis on quantitative research methods (Statistics, Social Sciences, Human-Computer Interaction, or a related field).
•Experience in translating analysis results into business recommendations and business questions into an analysis framework.
•Experience in statistics, working with statistical packages (R, SAS, Stata, MATLAB, etc.), and in working with datasets (SQL).
•Experience with data modeling and reporting.

Preferred qualifications:
•PhD degree.
•Direct team management experience or demonstrated leadership potential.
•Coding experience with Java, C++, Python, PHP or similar language.
•Deep interest and aptitude in data, metrics, analysis and trends. Applied knowledge of measurement, statistics and program evaluation.
•Excellent problem-solving capabilities and critical thinking skills.
•Distinctive analysis skills and impeccable business judgment. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Required Experience: 3-4 שנים

У меня как раз же MA in Social Sciences и даже незаконченный PhD. Работаю с SPSS. Начинала учить R, но бросила. Сейчас учу Python, идет туго. SQL надо продолжать учить. Пошлю им наверное, свое резюме. Мне будет очень приятно даже если они просто меня пригласят на собеседование. А вдруг оно будет на английском?! В жизни у меня не было собеседования на английском, провалю, наверное.


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